Intermotor® Diesel

The Evolving Diesel Engine

Diesel engines have come a long way since the mid-90s. The key to diesel’s evolution has been the advancement of new clean diesel technologies. Today’s advanced renewable diesel fuels have built on the diesel engine’s and emission control system’s near-zero emissions across all applications. Plus, these fuels enhance diesel performance, maintain efficiency over other energy sources, and ensure long-term suitability for sustainability goals.

Vehicle MPG the current Government CAFE standard is calling for by 2025

Gallons of diesel saved by heavy-duty diesel trucks from from 2007 to 2015

Expected diesel share of U.S. Passenger Car/Light Truck market by 2020

The Most Comprehensive Diesel Program in the Aftermarket

The Most Comprehensive Diesel Program in the Aftermarket

To account for the burgeoning diesel market, Intermotor® has fully invested in diesel. Today, Intermotor® Diesel offers hundreds of unique diesel categories, and we’re a basic manufacturer in most of them. Intermotor® Diesel is committed to supplying professional technicians with comprehensive coverage for genuine diesel parts, which is evident from our extensive offering of new and quality-remanufactured products.

Advanced Diesel Engineering

Diesel Fuel Injectors

We're proud to offer a line of new and remanufactured diesel injectors for an array of diesel applications. 

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Diesel Turbochargers

With more than 50 diesel SKUs covering over 6 million VIO, our line features both 100% new OE-quality turbochargers as well as quality-remanufactured turbochargers with OE-quality components.

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